The view from New York(er)

Nice, long piece in the New Yorker, based on a long-term test drive of kindle. Nicolas baker shares my concerns:

The problem was not that the screen was in black-and-white; if it had really been black-and-white, that would have been fine. The problem was that the screen was gray. And it wasn’t just gray; it was a greenish, sickly gray. A postmortem gray. The resizable typeface, Monotype Caecilia, appeared as a darker gray. Dark gray on paler greenish gray was the palette of the Amazon Kindle…

After several thousand words, one of his conclusions is this:

But, fortunately, if you want to read electronic books there’s another way to go. Here’s what you do. Buy an iPod Touch (it costs seventy dollars less than the Kindle 2, even after the Kindle’s price was recently cut), or buy an iPhone, and load the free “Kindle for iPod” application onto it..

Go read…


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  1. Charlie on

    I don’t think e-ink has a future. It’s a very limited technology and I haven’t seen anything on the horizon which tells me that it’s going to radically improve. I for one won’t be buying another e-ink device. My next purchase will be an Apple tablet or similar device.

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