According to Jobs

As expected, Apple didn’t enter the e-reader market at today’s ipod/itunes event. Whilst we’re all still hoping for some kind of Apple Tablet/e-reader in the not-too-distant future, David Pogue has an interesting post-event interview with Steve Jobs which includes this tidbit:

Q: Has your opinion of e-readers changed?

A: I’m sure there will always be dedicated devices, and they may have a few advantages in doing just one thing. But I think the general-purpose devices will win the day because I think people just probably aren’t willing to pay for a dedicated device. You notice Amazon never says how much they sell; usually if they sell a lot of something, you want to tell everybody.


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  1. Charlie on

    I agree with Jobs. Dedicated e-ink devices don’t have much of a future in my opinion. All the same I’ve no doubt that Jobs has got something planned for ebooks. It’s such a simple and potentially lucrative addition to the itunes catalogue. I suspect the only reason Apple hasn’t done it already is that the hardware just isn’t up to scratch yet. We’re in a transition phase at the moment while we wait for battery and screen technology to develop to the point that LCD could surpass e-ink as a reading medium.

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