The Lost Torrent

Quick link to a New York Times article which suggests that ebooks might be heading down the slippery slide of piracy the hardware becomes more mainstream:

With the new devices in hand, will book buyers avert their eyes from the free copies only a few clicks away that have been uploaded without the copyright holder’s permission? Mindful of what happened to the music industry at a similar transitional juncture, book publishers are about to discover whether their industry is different enough to be spared a similarly dismal fate.

The hook is that Dan Brown’s new book is flooding the darknet and just as easy to find via the torrents as via Amazon/Kindle. (Apart from us Aussies of course, who can’t get the kindle version for a tenner, but have to outlay $28.99 (AUD) for the iphone app.). So in the interests  of research, I spent a few minutes searching for the latest blockbuster pageturner in epub format. Sure enough, one google search and a 5.74 megabyte transmission download later and dan’s book is ready for me to read in a bunch of formats on a number of devices. Next time I have lunch with my mates at Random, I guess it’s my shout 🙂


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