Meet the Nook…

Barnes and Noble today introduced its e-book reader. They’ve named it the nook (New bOOK perhaps??) As expected, it’s Android powered and has two screens – one e-ink for reading and one colour LCD for navigating. Detailed coverage at gizmodo. As well as the technical stuff, the nook has a couple of interesting features. There’s book sharing. From Gizmodo:

One of my main objections to the Kindle and other readers is that most of my books come from friends, rather than bookstores. The Nook realizes that and integrates a 2-week lending period—plenty of time for a quick read

And then there’s the (somewhat ironic) idea that if you take your nook into a Barnes and Noble shop, you can browse books for free. Again from gizmodo:

You’ll be able to take the Nook to any of Barnes & Noble’s gajillion stores and read one ebook, for free, each time—the same way you might wander into the store, pick up a book and read it for an hour or two.


Overall, it seems more appealing than the kindle (and Barnes and Noble promises flexible file formats and a million available titles). I wonder if the colour screen will make the e-ink one look a bit lame though. Anyhow, shipping sometime in November, no word on international release…

Oh – and when I typed nook into my iphone, it auto-corrected to book.


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