Kindle Everywhere?

Realising that it should be selling razor blades rather than handles, Amazon is slowly expanding the kindle brand as software, rather than hardware. Yesterday, it made available a PC application (mac version coming they say) which allows users to read kindle titles on their computers. From engadget:

Doing exactly what it says on the (imaginary) tin, this will allow you to read the locked-down Kindle format on your Windows weapon of choice, though Mac users are left with merely the “coming soon” message you see above. Given that you’ll now be able to consume Amazon’s ebooks on your PC and iPhone, there’s a risk that people might entirely sidestep the Kindle and Kindle DX for more familiar hardware, but clearly the company is willing to undertake it in order to get its wares out to a wider client base.

Interestingly, it is downloadable from almost anywhere (it works in Oz, anyway), mirroring Amazon’s recent international push for Kindle. If only they’d get onto internationalising the iphone app, which was *still* not on the Australian app store when I last checked…


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  1. Charlie on

    The huge step would be if they started allowing the books to be downloaded onto other devices. Apple have never done that with iTunes. It would be a bold move by Amazon and would completely cement them as the leading ebook retailer. I think they should do it. The Kindle isn’t going to be as dominant as the ipod. They’ve already lost too much ground to the other players.

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