The middle of another end, or something…

Many years ago, BC (before children) I was a hifi nerd. Got a CD player really early and got really excited by products from obscure British component manufactures. I even remember spending a day hunting around Seattle with a fellow tragic looking for a particular replacement part for a valve amplifier. Anyhow, the CD collection grew into the many hundreds and the speakers became ever bigger, until the kids came (ironically the same year as the first iPod) and the collection as relegated to the cupboards to be replaced by first by wiggles tunes and then downloaded replacements – which is where almost all my music comes from today. If I do stumble across a CD, it’s immediately ripped onto the Mac. Anyhow, all this is a long introduction to a link to news that Linn Products, one of those esoteric British hifi manufacturers has now ceased to produce CD players:

Linn Products has become the first manufacturer to announce it will give up on CDs from the start of next year. Instead, the niche company, based in East Renfrewshire, will focus on producing digital streaming equipment.

The firm, which makes systems costing from £2,500 to more than £100,000, said discerning customers recognised the superior quality of digital streaming.

At the one hand, this isn’t at all surprising. After all, the trends to digital downloads are pretty apparent. On the other hand, CDs still dominate music sales – it’s just that they’re trending down whilst itunes et al are trending up. The shift to net-based distribution has been, and continues to be, a fairly long-winded process. Which is just a reminder that it’ll take a *long* time for e-books to become an overnight success 🙂


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