Sherman on e-books

No, not me. You know what I think. But Sherman Alexie, the successful author (who incidentally looks nothing like me:-). Anyhow, the more talented Sherman was on Colbert a week or so ago, ranting against e-books. According to a Techdirt post, the other Sherman equates digital formats with piracy and refuses to release his books electronically so that the pirates won’t get to them:

“When the music industry went digital, somewhere between 75 and 95% of music is pirated. Nobody makes money off their music any more. Everything is about live shows now.”

Which may or may not be true and ignores the billions of legitimate downloads that people are paying real money for on the itunes store and on spotify etc etc. As Techdirt points out:

Alexie doesn’t seem to understand how book file sharing happens. It’s not because the industry digitizes the books, but because others digitize those books, and, yes, they’re most likely already available on file sharing networks, whether those authors released them in ebook form or not. It’s not the official ebook they’re sharing in most cases anyway.

I know that I’d like to be able to buy the other Sherman’s books electronically (hell, I’d like to be able to buy *this* Sherman’s books electronically). Maybe when (not if) the e-book world becomes second nature to more of us, he’ll come around 🙂

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