More from CES…

Some news on the Alex reader, whose creators are a bit upset about Barnes and Noble’s Nook, as well as the Skiff e-reader (backed by the magazine publishers, Hearst) and Plastic Logic’s long-awaited Que. There’s more, much more. Enough to force a “There are officially too damn many eBook readers” headline from Gizmodo:

A couple years back, we condemned digital photo frames as the spam of CES—this year, in the wake of the Christmas of Kindle, every company has its own ebook reader. And that’s a bad thing.

In that spirit, I tried hunting down a list of mp3 players available in 2001, just before the introduction of the first ipod. The best I could come up with in a few minutes is this from cNet. And this eerily analogous article from epinions. I wonder if we’ll look back on the likes of the nook with the same fondness we (don’t) remember the Rio800. (Don’t laugh, I almost bought one back then!)


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