Long live the reader…

Update to previous post. I plugged the Sony into my Mac at around 10 this morning. Nothing seemed to be happening, although the indicator light next to the power switch alternated between red and flashing orange. At 8pm – a full 10 hours later, the screen comes to life, with a message the the firmware update is in progress. Which it isn’t. So I swap it to the PC , which I’d left with the firmware updater running. The PC sees the Reader, I click update and now we’re good to go.

In the course of all of this, I actually read the manual (not a habit of mine) and discovered that it’s considered normal for this model of Sony Reader to be unresponsive for forty minutes or so when plugged into a USB port, if the battery is low. Notwithstanding the fact that mine was unresponsive for fifteen times that long, and the battery indicator was indicating full charge when it all went pear-shaped, I’m gobsmacked. I have no idea what kind of last millenium battery charging technology Sony utilises, but the fact that they think that a product in this state is good enough to ship absolutely boggles the mind. If they (and others) can’t get this simple stuff right, the print book ain’t going nowhere…

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