The Reader is Dead…

So I bricked my Sony Reader. After a couple of weeks away when I used my iphone far more than the Sony, I realised that it was partly because most os the things I was reading were in epub. Time to do the long-delayed firmware update to let the Sony display that format. So yesterday I commandeer the spouse’s work laptop (the only Windows box in the house) and begin the process. Of course I screw it up by not installing the library software first. And that, in combination with my impatience (the dialogue box said it would take about two minutes, and sat there for the best part of an hour) led me to do a couple of things that in insight probably weren’t the best idea. But in the end, the thing said ‘update finished’ and showed me the boot screen. Then went blank. And has stayed blank ever since. Won’t turn on, won’t reset and refuses to mount on any computer.

The intertubes suggest a few things so I’m leaving it plugged into my Mac for the day to see if it sorts itself out with a trickle charge.

Cynics will say that this would never happen with a printed book, and they’d be right… but I could respond that I’ve been updating firmware on a bunch of computers, smartphones, PDAs, ipods, iphones etc for more than a decade now, and this is the first time I appear to have totally bricked the device. I think it says more about Sony than e-books 🙂

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