Apple iPad early questions

So the iPad it is. Lots of coverage all over the internet, so I won’t go into details here. I just want to ask a few e-book centric questions that will no doubt be answered in the next little while.

  • What format does iBooks use? (my guess is something like Apple’s extended LP format to allow for ‘interactivity’)
  • Is there DRM on those eBooks? (probably, with similar restrictions to Apps)
  • Does this mean an iBooks store for every country? (probably)
  • Will there be an iBooks for Macintosh? (I guess)
  • Will there be an iBook developer tool? (probably already is, see iTunes LP)
  • Will there be a kindle App for iPad? (if so, then the iPad becomes the only e-reading device you need for all your bought content)
  • Will there be Stanza for iPad? (see previous question, for epubs)

It’s clear though that the iphone was a trojan to get us comfortable with touch interfaces. Whilst the iPad is *only* a big ipod touch/iphone, we shouldn’t forget that the ipod touch is actually a small computer. Which makes the iPad a slighter bigger small computer – with a touch interface that has been adopted by tens of millions of people. And this time, Apple has put books as a highlight of its ecosystem.


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    1. Mark on

      Hi Sherman,
      from what I’ve read the iPad iBooks store supports ePub files. The first five publishers signed are all big internationals who have all been using DRM on almost all Ebook files – so I’d assume there will be DRM as standard.
      My thoughts are that this isn’t going to live up to all the hype of the techies, but that if apple nails the consumer marketing it could become a/the dominant Ebook platform.
      Glad that it’s finally here – but at first glance the kindle/Sony is still looking pretty good….
      Also – try saying Mac’s iPad out loud a few times quickly.

      • shermanfyoung on

        Hey Mark

        Been stuck in meetings all day so haven’t had a chance to read much more than the official techspecs. I think kindle v iPad will come down to e-ink v fast colour touchscreen. (Specialised device v convergent one). In the end different markets. And if amazon continues to make a kindle app for iPad then it doesn’t really matter to either Apple or Amazon 🙂

        Mind you once I catch up on my reading in the next couple of days I might think differently 🙂

        Cheers and happy new year


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