(Someone else’s) Sony Daily Edition review

Setting aside e-ink versus LCD (which will flare up big time at month’s end when Apple’s ipad is finally released), the reader wars have ben Sony versus Kindle, at least until the nook turned up. Whilst Amazon went big with the DX, Sony added a touch screen to its reader and introduced a range of cheaper editions. None of which are sold in Australia. Laptop magazine has a nice review of the US$399 Sony Reader  Daily Edition and didn’t come away hugely impressed:

However, the slowness of the Daily Edition’s interface hindered our appreciation of the device. While touch is a more natural way to navigate through eBooks, and we like Sony’s continuing innovation in the category, the execution isn’t quite there yet. If you can live without an E-Ink touchscreen, the Nook is a better choice for consumers who want something with the same level of openness and don’t want to be locked into one eBook store as they would with the Kindle. But for pure ergonomic comfort, the Kindle 2 offers the best design, plus a large selection of daily content.

We have both kindle and Sony in our household, and notwithstanding the Daily Edition’s much improved interface, the kindle is used every day, and the Sony sits in a drawer. Of course, much of that (ok, everything) is to do with the fact that we can actually easily get content onto the kindle without jumping through all sorts of hoops. There’s a lesson there somewhere…


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