More on eBook pricing

Piece in the New York Times today suggesting that ongoing pricing negotiations between publishers and what is boiling down to the Big two – Apple and Amazon:

Amazon has agreed in principle that the major publishers would be able to set prices in itsKindle store [as well]. But it is also demanding that they lock into three-year contracts and guarantee that no other competitor will get lower prices or better terms.

Apple, for its part, is requiring that publishers not permit other retailers to sell any e-books for less than what is listed in the iBookstore. So the publishers have sought to renegotiate agreements they have with Amazon under which they sold books to it at wholesale, allowing Amazon to set the consumer price.

And this interesting snippet – for those who have wondered whether the iBookstore is going to be more like the App Store (anyone can submit an app) or iTunes (harder for individuals to get a guernsey):

A new job posting on its Web site is for an “independent publisher account manager, iBookstore.” The posting says the person would be “responsible for building and growing relationships with small- and medium-size book publishers, self-published authors and other content providers for the iBookstore.”


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