iPad as eBook reader…

Now that Apple’s iPad is in the hands of several hundred thousand people, more details about day-today usage are trickling out. It’s hard to avoid the general comment, so I won’t point to any more of it. My own view is that the iPad *is* a game changer – one of the first devices designed to make its ‘technology’ disappear, leaving users to immerse themselves with whatever is ‘inside’ the screen. Which is why there’s no obvious file system, limited multitasking etc. It’s a valiant step towards making an invisible computer. But that’s for another post. For now, a couple of links to some eBook related iPad news. First, Andy Ihnatko:

… it’s just such a bloody good book reader that some folks will never wander far from its eBook functions. And why not? From one perspective, it’s hands-down the best book reader you can buy.

David Rothman over at Teleread:

Text-to-background contrast vs. E Ink’s? No comparison. The iPad shreds the Kindle and the others. And in standard room light, I do not feel any eyestrain so far and don’t expect to, even if I’m at the iPad hour after hour. That’s me. I know others would feel otherwise about.

And Joshua Topolsky at Engadget:

To say Apple is about to put a major dent in Kindleworld is an understatement. The iBooks app is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful uses of the iPad screen real estate on the device. It would be easy to rattle off a thousand words alone on how good of an e-book experience this is, but we’ll try to keep it brief considering how much there is to say about the iPad. Simply put, it’s a great e-reader with enough options to please even the most strident critic.

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