I love this…

Don’t you love it when the big guns start blazing. For years, the e-book space was the domain of those companies you’d never heard of. Lots of them did great work, but you knew that the big time was only going to happen when there was commitment from companies that want to rule the world. First Amazon, then Google, then Apple, now Google again with its entry into the paid-for books domain. From the BBC:

Search giant Google is set to launch its own online e-book store in 2010.

Google Editions books will allow people to download e-books to a range of devices

The Amazon Kindle is linked to books from the company’s own store and similarly with Apple’s iBookstore.

“It is a different approach to what most readers today have and the vision is to be able to access books in a device agnostic way,” said Google spokesperson Gabriel Sticker.

This is great news for all those who bought the iRiver Story from Harvey Norman the other week and might have been wondering where to get their books. But it’s also good news for ipad users – who in all likelihood will be able to access titles from all the big guys. Despite the tone of the BBC piece, Amazon’s kindle store is right there on the Apple device already and hopefully the google store will  be too… 24 months ago, there was no decent integrated ebook ecosystem. Now they’re breeding like flies. Bring it on 🙂


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