Quick Links

A couple of quick links to break the too busy-to-post drought. From The New Yorker a little while back, a piece on ipad, kindle etc. Choice quote :

Asked to describe her foremost concern, Carolyn Reidy, of Simon & Schuster, said, “In the digital world, it is possible for authors to publish without publishers. It is therefore incumbent on us to prove our worth to authors every day.”

(via Daring Fireball)

And this from today’s Sydney Morning Herald:

The Australian Publishers Association said more competitive pricing will feed the appetite for e-books but that the death of the paperback has been overstated.

”There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding the e-book – it’s just another channel to market,” said the association’s CEO, Maree McCaskill. ”The best predictions around the world are that for at least the next 10 years it will be 30 per cent e-book and 70 per cent print [market share].”


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