Whither Publishers?

One of the constant questions surrounding the emergence and growth of e-books is the role of publishers in the brave new world. A couple of quick links from the last few days. The first from the New York Times (amongst others) noting that Agent Andrew Wiley has cut an exclusive e-book deal with Amazon, bypassing traditional publishers:

The literary agent Andrew Wylie announced on Wednesday that he had started his own publishing venture and would produce e-book editions available exclusively on Amazon.com for 20 titles, including those by Philip Roth and Vladimir Nabokov.

And from The Guardian, Japanese author Ryu Murakami has bypassed both publishers and Amazon and gone straight to an iPad app:

the admired contemporary Japanese writer Ryu Murakami announced that he was publishing his new book, A Singing Whale, in partnership with Appleas an iPad download, turning his back on his regular Japanese publisher, Kodansha. The book will also include video content set to music composed by Oscar-winning Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Interesting times indeed…


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