Are we there yet?

There’s always a tipping point. For eBooks, we’re pretty damn close – the kindle and the ipad have moved us right to the edge. Michael Wolf on GigaOm thinks it’s over and that ‘e’ has won over ‘p’, citing the cheaper kindle, the first million-selling ebook (Girl with the tatt), and Barnes and Noble rethinking its very existence as a bookseller as evidence that the war is over:

Years from now, when I tell the grandkids about this thing called print books, I’ll reference the past few days as the week e-books won the war. Momentum is rapidly pushing the dominant industry focus in book publishing and selling toward digital.

As I sit here browsing the empty shelves of the Australian iBooks store, and stare through the gaps on the Australian kindle bookshelves, I think it’s a little premature – at least downunder. But it won’t be too long now…


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