Oxford Dictionary in Print… R.I.P?

From The Guardian:

Publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary have confirmed that the third edition may never appear in print. A team of 80 lexicographers began working on it following the publication of the second edition in 1989. It is 28% finished. In comments to a Sunday newspaper, Nigel Portwood, chief executive of Oxford University Press, which owns the dictionary, said: “The print dictionary market is just disappearing. It is falling away by tens of percent a year.” Asked if he thought the third edition would appear in printed format, he said: “I don’t think so.” However, an OUP spokeswoman said no decision had been made.


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  1. merriwyn on

    Heresy! I’m just glad I bought edition 2 in good old hard copy then 🙂 i love it in a way i know to be bad and wrong 😛 Its the compact version of the full oxford, and I for one would definitely buy the third edition rather than the online version (not that I wouldn’t consider getting both…) because its Just So Cool! Ok so I can barely lift it and read it with a magnifying glass, but I use it at any opportunity cause its Just SO Awesome! Srsly.

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