Colour e-ink

We’ve all been waiting to see if colour e-ink can cut the mustard. The ipad has spoiled us in terms of multi-purpose colour LCD devices, but some purists still argue that e-ink is easier on the eye (and the battery). The colour nook, of course, doesn’t count – it’s a limited, poor-man’s ipad replica with a smaller, cheaper LCD screen and much less functionality. But now Hancon (who?) has announced a colour e-ink reader. From Engadget:

While Amazon and Sony are still hemming and hawing about taking their ebook-reading adventure into the color E Ink realm, China’s Hanvon is plunging straight in. The New York Times is reporting that the company intends to grace this year’s FPD International trade show with the news that a 10-inch touchscreen e-reader, equipped with the first color-displaying panels from E Ink Holdings, will be arriving in the Chinese market in March.


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