2010 The Year that Was

Nice overview from a number of folk over at the Literary Platform.:

From Dan Franklin, Canongate:

I think next year on an industry level, and with the imminent arrival of Google Books, we need to try and achieve standards in pricing and ebook production to deliver readers/users what they want from digital books (or whatever you like to call the new experiences opening up).

Robin Harvey, 4th Estate:

Pricing of eBooks and apps has been the biggest shift for us in the last 12 months. Although the majority of our eBooks are priced at parity with the HB but on the Friday Project list we have experimented with different pricing models and have shown that almost every time the price has been dropped significantly (to £2.99, for example), sales have shot up.

Alex Spears, Constable & Robinson:

2010 has seen wide recognition throughout the industry that the e-book market is viable – recent sales of Kindle e-books at Constable & Robinson make for very interesting reading, and we are looking closely at the key issues of format and pricing. 2011 will be an incredibly exciting year, with publishers no longer just dipping their toes into the water, but actively putting digital to the forefront of their publishing

More at the link


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