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Self-publishing reconsidered

And almost in response to the last post, a piece in the Irish Independent discussing a self-publishing conference over there with a couple of interesting self-publishing examples:

Paying for your work to be published used to be considered madness, but now, according to Eoin Purcell: “The way the technology has changed means that it is facilitating transparency in the self-publishing process… .” In other words, you may be paying for it, but you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. The difference between the POD services, such as or and conventional ‘vanity’ publishing is, according to Purcell, “they are not charging you 2.5k to print a hundred copies. You print what you want and they charge a margin on each copy they sell you”.


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State of Play…

Nice post from Henry Rosenbloom, the man from Scribe in Australis, summarising the state of play:

It’s not easy being a trade publisher in Australia these days. The outside world has caught up with us: trade is terrible, e-books are still either a promise or a threat, and there remain large uncertainties about the domestic and international economies…


I’ve even known accountants to be astonished that a whole industry can be based on publishers bankrolling authors, lending their books to booksellers, paying for retail prominence, and then accepting the return of unsold books.

Even for independent booksellers and publishers, this paradigm feels under threat. To put it most simply, if the industry cannot provide a living to its participants, it will have to change radically.