Giving it all away

From The Australian:

Having discovered that it is now impossible to sell books to people, publishers have finally taken to giving them away.

On March 5 next year, on the occasion of World Book Night, a million volumes will be given away free of charge, gratis, and without anyone having to have bought two others they didn’t really want in order to get the cheapest for nowt.

According to a report in The Times, “the publishing industry is gambling that handing out an unprecedented number of free books will persuade people to read more paid-for ones”.



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  1. Phillip A. Ellis on

    I’ve heard about this giveaway; I’m not sure that it would persuade me to buy more books, largely because I am committed to buying a large amount already. I average between 200 to 300 books a year, as it happens, in addition to those picked up second hand.

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