The Way we Read

One of the most common responses about electronic reading has been the ‘I sit at my desk all day at work – the last thing I want to do after that is look at my computer’ complaint. It seems that devices like the ipad are changing this dramatically; the data for reading online material is really interesting. From read it later:

Aside from a quick lunch hour at their desk, iPad owners are no longer doing the majority of their reading on their computers.  They are saving it for their personal prime time, when they can relax comfortably, iPad in hand and burn through the content they found during the day.

Whilst this speaks mainly to online content, it’s clear that ipad (and similar) users don’t use their ipads the same way they use their computers. It’s another type of device, that is serving as a way to get them reading electronic texts, away from their desks…


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  1. Susan Bonaci on

    I use my iPad more as a reference than a book reader as I originally thought I would. Though I have to admit I’m still coming to terms with the ‘computer eyes’ I get from staring at a screen to read at night.

    Will the iPad turn us into workaholics?

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