The Rise of the App

A couple of links from the Guardian pointing to the role of apps in the new information economy. Firstly, a 21st century version of ‘Wasteland’:

Faber takes TS Eliot into the 21st century today, with the launch, in association withTouch Press, of an iPad app of The Waste Land that includes a video performance of the poem, notes, commentary and readings from Viggo Mortensen, Ted Hughes, and Eliot himself.

And then some reflections from David Starkey on how all this might work:

David Starkey is already a “cross-platform” historian, best known for his projects spanning books and TV. However, there’s now an app for that too. It’s called Kings and Queens, and while its textual basis is Starkey’s Crown and Country book, the iOS app is no cash-in.

Developed by Trade Mobile, the app uses a timeline user interface to explore the history of the English monarchy, with a wealth of background material to dive into, and entirely new footage of Starkey explaining the key points.

“It’s a case of the technology catching up with what I wanted to do,” he says. “Television is a performance, but apps actually reflect thought processes.”


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