99 cents a throw

The kindle ecosystem has made some self-published authors rich, and somewhat famous (John Locke is the latest example). But those are often exceptions that break the rule. How easy is it to make some coin in the ebook age. Keir Thomas, an author of computer books, tells us how his 99 cent a book experiment went – using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP):

As part of my regular but foolish publishing experiments, I put some $0.99 computer books on sale though KDP in March 2011 — Working at the Ubuntu Command-Line, and Managing the Ubuntu Software System

So does $0.99 publishing work, at least when it comes to computer books?

Yes and no. Did you really expect a straight answer?

Do it right* and you’ll sell thousands of copies. Working at the Ubuntu Command-Line is usually glued to the top of the Amazon best-seller charts for Linux and also for Operating Systems.

Something I’ve created all on my lonesome is besting efforts by publishing titans like O’Reilly, Prentice Hall, Wiley, and others…


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