And here’s a survey of how US Independent booksellers are doing in a nation without Borders. A sample comment from Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver (from PBS):

I have every reason to believe that in ten years’ time there will be a retail setting that everyone recognizes as the logical descendent of today’s retail bookstores. The trick for all of us is to juggle declining printed book sales with new products and new services and the appropriate amount of real estate in the right location. Hardly an easy task but if the indie community has anything going for it, it is the fact that we are a feisty, determined, creative bunch that love what we do. Taking a cue from some of the technologies that been so disruptive, collectively the indie community is crowd-sourcing the sustainable bookstore-like thing of tomorrow. One of us is going to figure this out.


Yep, someone will figure this out one day!!

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  1. Mike Fulgaro on

    Juggling yes, but with fewer and fewer balls.

    It may be horrible to contemplate, but the printed book will continue to decline, as will newspapers and any other print-based medium.

    It’s just the way it’s gonna be…the printed book has gone the way of the CD.

    Funny how CD declined first, given its much later introduction date.

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