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When, not if…

It was always going to happen, but the print Encyclopedia Britannica is no longer with us. From the BBC:

After 244 years reference book firm Encyclopaedia Britannica has decided to stop publishing its famous and weighty 32-volume print edition.

It will now focus on digital expansion amid rising competition from websites such as Wikipedia.


Nice summary of Tools of Change for Publishing Conference over on O’Reilly.

Lean back 2.0

The distinction between lean-forward (desktop computer) and lean-back (television) media is something that also happens in the print v electronic debate (book vs online computer). Now the economist suggests that the iPad transforms the conversation – and opens up what they’re calling Lean back 2.0:

…data from all sorts of sources shows clearly that consumers read on tablets in a way much closer to print than to online. You can’t lump all digital experiences together. This new kind of digital lean back, which we, somewhat lamely, call “lean back 2.0”, has the potential to deliver an even better lean-back experience than print.