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From Sony… a hybrid of game and reading, using print and the PS3. From Time:

The name of this work in progress is Wonderbooks. It’s an augmented reality book that works with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move accessories, with 12 pages of thick card stock on the inside that the Move’s camera can read. On-screen, users see an image of the book at their feet, with 3D imagery superimposed on top, and they can interact with the book using the Move motion controller.

Makes Scents

I did a few talks about the dead book a couple of weeks ago and the audiences always seemed to return to that old faithful ‘but I love the smell of printed books.’ So I made the usual quips about scratch and smell and eau d’page. Well somebody’s done it. Erica Sadun writes:

Enter “Paper Passion“. Created by Geza Schoen, Gerhard Steidl, and Wallpaper magazine, with packaging designed jointly by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl, the perfume offers a bouquet of “freshly printed books, the best smell in the world,” according to Lagerfeld.


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The Amazon Effect… (link)

Longread in The Nation by Steve Wasserman with an overview of the seismic shift in book publishing, with a particular Amazon focus. Good piece – for example:

The inexorable shift in the United States from physical to digital books poses a palpable threat to the ways publishers have gone about their business. Jason Epstein got it right two years ago when he wrote, “The resistance today by publishers to the onrushing digital future does not arise from fear of disruptive literacy, but from the understandable fear of their own obsolescence and the complexity of the digital transformation that awaits them, one in which much of their traditional infrastructure and perhaps they too will be redundant.”