It’s come to this?

It’s been a whilst since I last posted – after all, for most of us, the ebook is such a natural part of our lives that the sturm and drang of publishing industry mergers and the churning out of christmas special celebrity cookbooks is just grist to a very old mill. I did present at a conference where there’s was some last gasp romanticising, but that’s for another post. Perhaps.

Anyhow, a quick link to something which sums up where we’re at… I came across a book vending machine a few years ago at Edinburgh airport (for those who can’t get their books via wifi). And now there’s this:

A Toronto bookstore has come up with a creative way to add value to old, discount books that otherwise may clutter its storage: an antique-seeming “book dispenser” that randomly spits out old books for $2 a pop.

Is this the future of printed books?? 🙂

via @counternotions

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