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Amazon buys Goodreads

From Salon (and old news I know):

On the Goodreads Facebook page, sentiment about the acquisition is running 10-to-one against it. Many members felt proprietary about the site and posted with surprising venom that they felt betrayed and were going to delete their accounts. A typical response: “You screwed us over. Take your money and run. You know the site you worked so hard on” will be corrupted by Amazon.”  More measured voices implored Goodreads “please don’t compromise the integrity of the best online community of book lovers.”

More on Self-Publishing

At the New York Times, David Mamet goes the self-publishing route:

As digital disruption continues to reshape the publishing market, self-publishing — including distribution digitally or as print on demand — has become more and more popular, and more feasible, with an increasing array of options for anyone with an idea and a keyboard. Most of the attention so far has focused on unknown and unsigned authors who storm onto the best-seller lists through their own ingenuity.

The announcement by ICM and Mr. Mamet suggests that self-publishing will begin to widen its net and become attractive also to more established authors. For one thing, as traditional publishers have cut back on marketing, this route allows well-known figures like Mr. Mamet to look after their own publicity.

Ebooks at 22%

Association of American Publishers data now has ebook sales at 22% of US market. Paid Content link has more.