Events & Media

2007 Sydney Writers’ Festival, June 1st, 2007: link

Interview Eoin Cameron, ABC Local Radio, Perth, June 6th, 2007; link

The Book Show, Radio National, July 20th, 2007: link

Late Night Live, Radio National, August 14th, 2007: link

University of Melbourne Publishing Program Debate: “Is the Bookstore Dead”, Melbourne August 16th, 2007: link

Review in The Australian Literary Review, Volume 2, Issue 8, September 2007, page 15 (inserted in The Australian, Wednesday 5th September 2007), link to come (hopefully)

Interview, The Richard Stubbs Show, Afternoons, ABC Local Radio, 774 Melbourne, September 12th 2007: link

“Leave the antibooks on the shelf”, op-ed in The Sydney Morning Herald, September 13th 2007: link

“An ode to the heavenly library”, Review in Australian Bookseller and Publisher, September 2007

Interview, Steve Grimwade, Aural Text, 3RRR, September 19th, 2007: link

Interview, Barry Nicholls, ABC Local Radio, 783 Alice Springs, September 24th, 2007: link

Interview, The Final Draft, 2SER : link

Review, The Monthly, October 2007 : link

Review, The Courier Mail, 6th October 2007 : link

Macquarie University, Media Department Seminar, 16th October 2007 : link

Books, Miscellany Review, The Australian, 20th October 2007

Review, The Age, 22nd October 2007 : link

Everybody Writes, New Matilda, October 29, 2007 : link

Review, The Canberra Times, 3rd November 2007

But a Blog is not a Book, New Matilda, November 9, 2007 : link

Australia Campus Booksellers Association Conference, November 15, 2007 : link

NSW Writers’ Centre Bookshow, November 17, 2007 : link (pdf download)

Keynote, Beyond the Hype, Australian Librarian and Information Association Conference, 2 February, 2008 : link

Review, Australian Humanities Review (david Carter), March 2008 : link

Virtual Bookclub, Avid Reader, 27 March 2008 : link

Review, The Blue Pencil (Society of Editors, NSW), May 2008 : link ; pdf link

In Conversation, Society of Editors, NSW, 3 June, 2008 : link

The Elusive E-Book, Driving Cultural Change, The Sixth International Conference on The Book, Washington DC, 24-27 October, 2008 : link

The Elusive Ebook, Presentation for Macquarie Library Friends, Macquarie University, 11 November 2008 : link

Keynote, New Librarians Symposium, NLS4, Melbourne, 6 December, 2008 : link

Keynote, Information Online 2009, Darling Harbour, 20 January, 2009 : link

Interview, Leon Compton, ABC Darwin, 15 April 2009

Interview, Stan Thompson, ABC South East SA, 16 April 2009

Interview, Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand, 13 June 2009: link

Future of the Book Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 24-26 June, 2009: link

Interview, Tv3 News, Auckland, New Zealand, 25 June, 2009

Interview, NZ Herald, 4 July, 2009: link

Reading in a time of change, Wheeler Centre for Books, Ideas and Writing, 25 February 2010: link

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