A Moment of Doubt

A weekend away cherry picking, so I thought I’d take the Sony Reader instead of the paperback stack. (A wee confession here- it’s been a few weeks of madness and I haven’t used it for a bit. Yes, I know the review is coming. And so is Christmas.)

Anyhow, I hit the switch to see what books are on board and the Reader is as dead as the proverbial. I plug it into the Mac and wait a minute or so, but no response. And I have that moment of ebook doubt, the one where you have a rant about paper never running out of batteries or crashing.

So I take a breath and leave it for an hour. Luckily for my faith, when I go back to the Reader the familiar screen us once more visible and I can again leave the paperbacks behind.

Now, don’t be too concerned, it’ll take more than a hiccup to bring out my inner Luddite – after all this is being posted from my iPhone. But for a brief moment there…

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  1. mikecane on

    You’ll have to develop some recharge discipline. I hate it when I see just two bars on my phone. And my LifeDrive seems to pig-out on electrons these days too (despite having been trannied by removing the HD for CF).

  2. shermanfyoung on

    Yeah, I’m totally on top of the iphone, probably because it’s with me 24/7. The Reader is a weekend only thing. But I’ve learnt my lesson 🙂

  3. mikecane on

    Don’t forget with the iPhone: Phone, video, and other apps all compete for electrons used for reading. There’s that Morphie case with fat battery. Been hearing good things about it.

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